Woodworking Projects

Below are some projects that I have photos of. Some are mine, others are from my Father or my Father-in-Law. If you're interested which projects are mine, just email me.

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Gary's shop
Joe's shop
Gene's shop

My tool inventory - Jet 10" table saw with Oldham signature blades and a Freud stacking dado set; Craftsman 1/4" 2HP router; DeWalt 24V cordless drill, reciprocating saw and circular saw; ProTech 9" bandsaw with PS Wood Timberwolf low tension blades; Kreg pocket hole jig; various Stanley Bostitch air nailers; other basic hand and power tools.

Narrative - As you can see from the photos, I really do not have a "specialty". I like to think that my projects are just useful. Some woodworkers are true artists, but I do not put myself in that category.

Looking at the photos from my shop, it's hard to believe that cabinets, furniture or other large projects can come out of there. It's a bit trying at times, but it forces me to keep it clean.

So, why no jointer? Especially for edge-gluing boards together, many people feel that a jointer is a necessity. For starters, I don't have room for one. I simply use very high quality Oldham blades and take my time on the table saw. The photo of the bar shows that I can edge glue even maple boards together without the need for a jointer.

The next question I get a lot is why such a weak router? 2HP isn't bad, but the 1/4" collet is a bit limiting. I mainly use it for edge treatments, and small projects. I think that I'll hold off and just buy a shaper for the larger work.

Give credit where credit is due - One tool that I have not yet conquered is the lathe. On some of my projects, you may find some turned elements. The legs on the kitchen table are an example. My brother-in-law, Corey, is the person to thank for them. Don't think they were done with a jig, either. All four were freehand, and match amazingly well.