Morgan Elizabeth

The latest addition to our family is Morgan Elizabeth. She was born on March 26. See more photos of her at

Family photos are available here:
Fall 2004
Summer/Fall 2006
Fall 2007

Chief and Willis

These are two inherited members of the family. Beth would be quite upset if they were not included on this page. Chief (orange) and Willis (gray) came from my sister's home after their black lab, Jed, got bigger than the cats.

Gene and Georgia

This photo of my parents was taken during a walk through Copper Falls S.P. in northern Wisconsin. There are more photos of them here. You'll also find photos of my sister, her family, and various animals.

Joe and Pat

Beth's parents are pictured on a deck overlooking the Green Bay side of Lake Michigan. This was on one of the annual trips to Gills Rock, in Door County. Click here for more photos, including vacations, Beth's sister, and, of course, more animals.