Camping Trips

We started a tradition some undecided number of years ago. Every year, we go camping with our friends from high school, Tiffany and Jeff. We do have photos from each year, but have yet to find all of them.

The idea is to make it to every state campground at least once. Once our kids are old enough, we know we have to go more than once per year, or we just won't make it. I think the last time we counted, we would be over 80 at our current rate.

Pine-Aire Campground
This is where we started the tradition. It was before we were all married. We went there a couple times, but can't remember the years or for sure how many. Pine-Aire is no longer a campground.

Northern Highland State Forest
Again, several times, at various campgrounds, but not much recollection of the details.

Copper Falls State Park

Pattison State Park

Perrot State Park

Willow River State Park

Blue Mounds State Park

High Cliff State Park